Early Enigromatics: Collage Drawing

Here’s something I did for an article that Bill Wyman wrote about David Bowie for Entertainment Weekly, some time ago.

I was experimenting a lot with collage ideas then (I still do, mostly in sketchbook format).  Bowie’s image, his whole “chameleon” persona seems connected with Enigromatics somehow.  Like Bob Dylan, Bowie’s musical persona is always changing; there’s an ambiguity in how the artist relates to the persona, the music & voice— projections are always shifting around, continually in flux; it’s often unclear just who a particular lyric might be addressed to, or which “persona” is doing the talking.

Again there’s that Mercurial spirit-genie thing that I find very interesting:  Bowie’s second Tin Machine album had just come out, and people were trying to get a handle on what he was up to.  Bill Wyman’s article, and I guess by extension, my drawing, were probably in some small way a part of the dialogue that was going on about the latest Bowie-manifestation at that time.

David Bowie Tin Machine

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